Hey everybody!  The second week here at the MTC has flown by so much faster than the first week!  As I look back on the week, it doesn't even feel like we even went through all of the days in the week that there is normally supposed to be!

We keep learning different tenses in Korean almost every day and it's just a little bit tricky to try and keep up with it when you haven't quite mastered the tenses from all of the days prior.  But amazingly, the Korean is coming somehow!  Our district gets along so well and it's incredible!  President Snow (2nd counselor in our Branch Presidency) said - under the radar of course - that our district is probably one of the best districts ever! Who knows if they just say things like that to everyone though, right? ;)

Our Sunday evening devotional we got to hear from Janice Kapp Perry and her husband Brother Perry (we didn't even get to hear his name haha).  It was probably the best devotional that I've ever been to.  The Spirit was the strongest that I've ever felt it before and was totally amazing.  I'm not a crier at all, but there were definitely tears coming to me as we sang a medley of some of her primary songs together as all of the missionaries.

The Tuesday evening devotional we got to hear from Elder Christofferson. And I really liked that talk.  Also present on the stand during that were: Elder Ballard, Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, and Elder Nelson.  I've never seen so many apostles at once!

I would like to attach pictures but I still haven't figured out how to make that work yet, so that will just have to wait.  (and it's not because I'm not tech-savvy, but because the computers are made to not let you do hardly anything like that, so you have to figure out the technique)

Overall this week has been great and I'm so excited for the next one!