Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Well, It's Been a While!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry it's been so long since my last entry!!  I had to learn how to better prioritize my time!!   Hope you are all doing well!

Soooo to sum up the last little while:

I am going on my sixth month in Nonsan ('논산'), a little country city kind of close to Daejeon.  I am on my 9th week with my super awesome companion Elder Burton (he's included in this email list... ;) haha but really, he is awesome!)

In our little branch of 25+ members (including the primary kids), 3 of the kids were baptized last week!  We went to the city Gongju ('공주') for the baptism (because their building has a baptismal font!) and it was such a sweet spirit filled experience!!

The rainy season started last week in theory....but it still has only rained once!  But it is pretty overcast a lot and very, very humid!!  I'm starting to keep my eyes peeled for new white shirts at the stores because mine are starting to be quite worn out!

The rice fields are all planted and green and growing - along with all of the bugs that live out there too!!

We're learning how to be very creative in finding new investigators.  We have the belief now, that no idea is a bad idea until you've tried it!  And it's usually those new ideas that bring miracles and success.  God knows when we're really trying and makes up for our shortcomings!!

We saw a really cool miracle last week in a small countryish town in our area called Buyeo ('부여').  We had effectively gotten ourselves lost after we had gone for a while.  But we found the bus stop that went back into the city, and after waiting a little while, a car pulled up.  The woman and her husband in it asked where we were going and if we needed a ride.  As we talked to them in the car, we found out that the woman's older sister is a member of the church in Daejeon.  Although they didn't have much interest in the gospel, we had a nice conversation and were able to give them our number and tell them that if they ever needed anything or wanted to learn about the church, to go right ahead and call us and we'd love to help them.  So that was a really cool miracle~!  God truly knows all of His children and where they are and what they're doing.  There are just too many 'coincidences' for them to be coincidences :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I want you all to know that I love you and I love this work!  It truly is the Lord's!!
~Elder Woods