Monday, August 3, 2015

The life in 전주 (Jeonju)

Hey everyone!  I've moved to a new area a few weeks ago!  A nice big city called "Jeonju" and famous for having delicious "Bibimbab" (비빔밥)  which I still have yet to eat here!  But anyways, my new companion is Elder Peterson from somewhere near Spanish Fork, Utah and who's been a missionary about 7 months longer than me.   We get along very well and have an awesome ward here ('중앙 와드').

Just last week, I got my Christmas package! Yeah, not a typo, my Christmas package!  I guess it got lost in the mail somewhere and finally resurfaces 7 months later! I also got some new white shirts from Mom, so those are super nice! Compared to my other shirts they're just so white and clean!!  I'm really enjoying my new area and the missionaries in my zone are all awesome!!

Hope you all are doing well and what not!!  Stay safe!  Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

My Christmas package!!

The most recent converts in the ward comparing their Pokemon cards :)