Monday, August 25, 2014

First Full Week!!!

This week went by super slow and extremely fast at the same time! I have no clue how! The days are over before I even know it!  Especially with all of the time we spend studying and the extra time for training (cause I'm a little 'greenie').

Food is food here.  I had my first Korean McDonald's this week. It's probably better than the McDonald's in America.  It was literally the epitome of fast food.  I ordered (in Korean of all languages! Whew!) and had my food within 15 seconds of paying for the food! I also ate at my first restaurant where you sit cross legged around a really short table.  It wasn't too bad until I had to stand up, and then my legs were all messed up and cramped and what-not :P So I'm gonna have to get used to that over time! We had this there: raw(ish) cow meat, raw cow lung, raw cow liver, cow intestines, etc... Our investigator wanted to help introduce me to Korea.  Next week apparently he has some other 'good food' in mind.  Yay.... hahaha.  The fruit here in Korea all tastes better too!  Some things are a plus and others seem less so right now...But I'm sure I'll learn to love it!

In my 인사 말씀 (welcome to ward short remarks) I may or may not have said that I have a boyfriend instead of a dad...sorry dad! I also almost walked off the stand before bearing my testimony too which was a little awkward.  But it was all OK.  The ward members are all great!

We played volleyball and basketball at stake activity and they all know Elder Wagner as the guy that's really good at basketball, and me as the guy really good at volleyball.  And they take their sports seriously.  When they play a sport, they literally "go big or go home." It's crazy and awesome!  People (Americans) think my companion Elder Wagner looks like Chris Pine and he totally does! At first he didn't like it, but now he's starting to take it as a compliment.
Depending on the night we get bitten a lot by mosquitos. Last night was really bad in our house!  A whole lot of bites!

I'm out of time but here's some pictures for you all of my apartment, companion, and the sweet car dealerships we walk past on the way over to the church!

Love you all! Keep up what you're keepin' up!

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