Monday, September 15, 2014

One Month in the Country!

Wow, I've been in the country for over a month now! I can hardly even believe that!  The big holiday, 추석, was fun!  All the stores were closed for the most part, the buses ran less often and had practically no one on them, and there were no cars out practically anywhere!  That is until the next day (make that the next 2) when the streets were flooded with cars trying to go back home.  I heard that that's just because I'm in 광주 (Gwangju) which is a pretty big city. Apparently when you're out in smaller little cities, everything is completely deserted basically the whole time!
Me and Elder Cowles looking fly
 This week I had my first meal at Lotteria with one of our investigators.  My companion hates Lotteria food (except for the ice cream), but I didn't have a bit of a problem with it!  Also in regards to food, we (all the missionaries in my district) ate at a buffet with Robert Holley (who is a famous tv star to Koreans) And so basically all of the people we saw that knew we were with him must have thought that we were all American tv stars too. Hahaha
This week we went up to Daejeon for TNT, which is where all the greenies and their trainers have a meeting just to see how everything is going and what not.  That was really great to get to see all of my 동기 (MTC group) again and how they're doing.  We've all made leaps and bounds in Korean, and all had some pretty good stories to share.
This week we also had our 'Robert Holley English Speech Contest' which was a way for us to find investigators and be a good activity for them.  That was fun.  We heard 40 or so short little English speeched on dreams, or hobbies, or friends, and the like.  Some people were incredible at english, some were super funny, and some were so cute while they spoke.  I guess I probably look the same while I'm trying to rack my brains to speak Korean!
Elder Skinner (our AZL)

Elder 박 sitting on my bed
 It was a really busy week with travel and big events and what not, so there aren't too many crazy stories! ....Except for trying to do calculus in Korean. That was a struggle....
The price of a car in Korea (They look so dang expensive with all those zeros!) 
Love all of ya!

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