Sunday, October 26, 2014

Things that probably didn't happen to you this week

Well, a couple things that I bet didn't happen to you this week go as thus:

  • Eat squirming octopus (with some suction cups sticking to your tongue!)
  • Almost get hit by a bus with maybe a foot of clearance at most (and have it hit the traffic cone just next to you, causing the cone to fly up and hit you in the arm)
  • Play duck-duck-goose with a bunch of cute little Korean kids at a hap ki do academy
  • Eat a half gallon of Baskin Robbins ice cream
  • Eat Betty Crocker brownies made out of a box you found at E-mart with all English instructions (maybe you did the brownies part though...)
  • Teach Koreans English tongue-twisters and realize that every Korean can say "Toy boat" 5 times fast with absolutely no problem (for us Americans it's nigh-impossible)
  • Get asked at family home evening at a members house with all the missionaries in your area there along with some other members too, to sing...And so you decide to do a rap in English about modesty instead.
  • Find a super good suit sale with all of the suits ranging from $40 to $80!

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