Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sorry it's been so long! Wow I'm just such a slacker when it comes to the writing part of my blog entries.  I promise it's not because I don't like you! (Well....maybe a lit-  just kidding, just kidding!) It's just really hard to type everything in an hour time slot!

Well let's much have I not told you about....  We had a Halloween party! That was fun and it had a big turn out of church members and their friends and their (the friends) families.  (I mean, yes the members' families too of course, but just to clarify I wanted to just-...well you get what I mean)  For the party I dressed up as Draco Malfoy. Super easy costume for a blonde missionary with a green necktie.  But slicking my hair back was a task! Elders Wagner and 박인오 had to both be in on it to help it work (even with a bunch of gel and hairspray!!)

After English class! The girl on the left is 박유진
Jumping around here and there, one of the sisters in our ward leaves on her mission TODAY!!! (November 17th)  Her name is 박유진 (so I guess like 'Yoo Jin Park' in English... you have no idea how hard romanization is; for Korean names especially!), and she's super cool! Fun fact about that, she will 귀환 (finish her mission) about 1 month before me! So, if my last area of my mission is back here, it'll be as if I never left to her, haha.  She's going to the SLC Temple Square Mission.  So if any of you are ever at Temple Square and see a Korean sister (there's only 3 of them counting her), you should talk to her and see if she knows me, cause hey, wouldn't that be legit?!
Me and my new companion 하용식!
We had transfers (about 2 weeks ago...) and I got a new companion! He's a Korean and his name is 하용식 (Ha Yong Shik). He's pretty cool! Everyone told me that your first Korean companion is really different and difficult.  At first it didn't seem like it could be that different, but it really is.  Not tooo much really, but just the feeling in the companionship and the way you do practically everything is just a little different than you're used too.  The culture really does play a big part in all of the difference!
We had a ward activity last-last Saturday, and it was a chilly kind muggyish day.  And the first part of the activity was a 식사 (meal).  So they fried 삼겹살 (Korean bacon) over a fire, had cuties and 감 (persimmons) and also lots of rice cookers.  The cookers were just sitting out on these picnic tables and it was just sooo.....Korean.  The second part of that activity was making pottery.  All of us 10 missionaries in the ward wrote our names on the inside of our Ward Mission Leader's bowl, so that way he remembers us forever!!!
Lastly it has been soooooo cold!!!! Gosh, and it's only going to get colder! Ahhh!!!!

Just a bunch of Korean girls that wanted me to take a picture of them after English class
Hope you're all doing great!!! You're the best! Thanks for being patient with my lack of emails lately!!!

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